Some Tummy Tightening Procedures

Many women feel the need to loose stomach fat especially after giving birth. In most cases, the tummy does not get back to its original state no matter how hard you perform exercises or therapy. was kostet bauchstraffung There are other available procedures for tummy firming that one can consider.

Non-Invasive Techniques

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Thermage- this is a good non-invasive skin firming technique. This procedure encourages the production of collagen which moisturizing the body, removing wrinkles and most of all getting rid of the sagging. Here Radiofrequency is used to kill the skin cells thus they generate more collagen.
Laser Liposuction-this is also non-invasive and effective for tummy firming. Today, they use laser fiber which is put under the skin to deal with the Hypodermal elastin fibers. hier nachlesen You can be sure of quality results once the procedure is fully completed.

Surgical Tummy Tightening Procedures

These are skin tightening techniques where surgery is performed to help bring the skin to its right shape. Most people are recommended to use the abdominoplasty which is well-known as Tummy tucking. This cosmetic procedure leads to a firmer, smoother and flat stomach at all levels. This is a procedure that really works well for fat people and those who have a lot of loose skin. There is a mini tuck or partial abdominoplasty which is great for those without too much fat or less loose skin. These are invasive methods where anesthesia is used both locally or general. Once the procedure is done, it is important for one to rest for several weeks before resuming regular duties.
If you want to do a tummy firming, it is important you consult your trusted surgeon or dermatologist to deal with your issues. It is always encouraged that people need to eat healthy to avoid getting into trouble once again.

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